What We Do

In 2008, the Labour Relations Act, 1995 certified the Wood Millwork & Trim Owners Association of Ontario (c.o.b. as the Trim Association of Ontario) as the Accredited bargaining agent of all employers of carpenters and carpenters’ apprentices for whom the Carpenters and Allied Workers Local 27 holds bargaining rights, in the low-rise sector of the residential construction industry.

Therefore the TAO plays a key role in Ontario’s $36 billion home building industry. Trim Carpenters specialize in moulding and trim, such as door and window casings, mantels, baseboard, crown moulding, detailed custom millwork and other types of ornamental work. Established in 1998 to give contractors a common voice on industry issues and to promote excellence in the time-honoured trade of trim carpentry; today, TAO represents 24 member contractors who account for up to 95% of the trim carpentry craft in Ontario’s low-rise construction sector.

We are also a member of ORCCA (Ontario Residential Council of Construction Associations), subcommittee of RESCON which represents all major Residential Construction associations and trade groups which provide our members with valuable industry insight & experience. On its members’ behalf, TAO negotiates labour contracts, deals with grievances and safety issues, and addresses other common concerns, including labour supply requirements.

Code of Practice

The TAO pledges to observe & maintain the highest ethical standards within our Industry.

  • TAO Members shall govern themselves in accordance with the best possible business practices.
  • TAO Members shall deal truthfully with their employees, sub-contractors and suppliers.
  • TAO Members shall actively promote & ensure that job-site/workplace Health & Safety is first & foremost.
  • TAO Members shall treat their competitors with respect & in the best interest of profiting all parties concerned.
  • TAO Members shall commit to advancing their Industry / Association by continued learning & education, advancement to Training & smart employment practices.

Executive Board

The Board Members of the Trim Association of Ontario are comprised of a body of elected owners of the Trim Carpentry sector who have the decision-making authority, voting & specific responsibilities to jointly oversee the activities of the Association. The board’s activities are determined by the powers, duties and responsibilities delegated to them by our established Constitution / By-laws.